Indonesian Pioneer in Facility Services with an International Standard

Integrated Facility Service


Services Company with International Standards which prioritizes Customer Satisfaction and Employee Welfare..

We care about the property, comfort, health, and customer satisfaction, therefore we provide various kinds of services to help ease the burden of your work.

We have developed reliable team of professionals who have been trained and are ready to be allocated in any locations including offices and houses. To achieve International Standards in providing our services, we demonstrate five important values:

Honesty and 5 S (Meet, Greet, Smile, Politeness, Courtesy)

Our company embedded the values of meet, greet, smile, politeness, and courtesy behaviour to each individual employee to which those values will always be attached wherever they are placed. Honesty is the most important value to be exhibited by each employee of PT. Resik Cemerlang. In any condition we teach every employee to demonstrate the nature of professionalism (5 S) in providing services to you.

Responsiveness (quick response)

We understand that time is money, therefore we are committed to respond and follow up to your request as quickly and accurately as possible. We perform our work with no boundaries, we aim to give solutions to your needs and handle your complaints promptly.


Needs of each client is different, we can provide services and solutions tailored to your unique needs. Flexibility is one of our values and we are proud to adjust to global economic conditions.

Complying with rules and regulations

All licenses are legal aspects of a Service Company we already have , so there is no longer any doubt as to establish cooperation , in addition to documents Licensing Legal , we are also concerned with rights of employees as well as PKWT , BPJS Employment and Health, benefits others in accordance with Regulations in Indonesia.

Concern for the welfare of employees

In Services Company , employees are the main asset , therefore our relationship with employees working in harmony. One of them by giving their rights in a timely manner and treat all employees fairly. down