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The pioneer in cleaning services industry with an international standard in Indonesia.

PT Resik Cemerlang established in 1983 as one of the pioneer in cleaning services industry in Indonesia.
Present time, our company has grown into being one of the company who provide leading facility services with network spread over than 8 major cities in Indonesia.

With more than 30 years of experiences, PT Resik Cemerlang is the best service company in building maintenance for banks, offices, apartments, factories, hospitals, schools, and other public facilities.

Our motto: "Cleaning Services Provider with an International Standard", which mean we offer cleaning services with high quality using international standard tools, chemical materials, equipments, also operation systems.

PT Resik Cemerlang is the first service company appointed to manage sanitation in Gedung Manggala Wanabakti located at Jalan Jenderal Gatot Subroto, Jakarta.

Over the years, on 2004 the company with new management encounter business expansion to other services, such as receptionists, couriers, administrations, drivers, handyman, garderner, etc.

Our region scope has been nationaly widen from West Indonesia to East Indonesia.

Company Vision and Mission

Company Vision and Mission

A company will never carry out their vision without the suitable mission.

Company Vision:
To be an international standard outsourcing services company and increasing the welfare of all its employees.

Company Mission:
- Deliver high quality services with competitive rate.
- Establish commitment and union across the company
- Increasing human resources potential - Constant regeneration

Quality Aspects

Quality Aspects

We always strive to maintain the quality in our system in order to offer the best services for you.

PT Resik Cemerlang has strict surveillance operation system separated by location based on the territory that is being supervised by assistant manager, filed coordinator, head of project, and other teams work as quality control.

We use Key Performance Index (KPI) to assess employee performance along with evaluating the effectiveness and quality of our services, to generate transparency and to determine that our clients benefit greatest outcome from our services.

KPI System include:
1. Customery satisfactory
2. Accuracy and speed in problem solving
3. Constant training
4. Efficiency and effectiveness of work
5. Employee turn over rates
6. Employee engagement

Legality and Certification

Legality and Certification

Client’s trust begins with comprehensive and legitimacy of the legal requirements of a company.

PT Resik Cemerlang has certification and legality that integrated with Safety, Healty, Environmental, and Quality Management System which objectives is to provide utmost and realiable services for clients.

1. SK Departemen Kehakiman
2. Akta Pendirian
3. Domisili
6. TDP
7. Peraturan Perusahaan

1. ISO 9001 : 2015
One of international standard in management system for determine the quality of a company.

2. KAN (Komite Akreditasi Nasional)
Accreditation to certifiation institutes along with inspection and accrediation of other standardization fields according to needs, and provide consideration guidance in determining the accreditation and certification system.

3. K3 (Keselamatan Kesehatan Kerja)
Territory related to individual’s health, safety, and welfare working in an institution or project site.

4. Apklindo
Apklindo (Asosiasi Perusahaan Cleaning Klining Indonesia): Cleaning Service Company obligatory to have certifiation and members of Apklindo.

5. Kadin
One of the benefit being Kadin members is being able to acquire performance statement letter and recommendation letter in order to support company’s business activities.

6. Kompetensi KADIN
Formal recognition evidence towards the compentence and ability of business entities in running their business activities as a provider of goods and services.



Awards are the utmost appreciation that has been given from client’s, assess objectively based on company’s outcome.

Several awards our company’s have achieved :