Proper and intergrated training and development of human resources is the initial capital of a company to achieve employee’s welfare.

In obtaining standard service company with the finest quality of human resources, our company implement training program from employee candidate to manager level. Several kinds of program our company implement according its needs of each levels in organization, including, providing bachelor’s degree for particular positions. Our training program is well structured and perpetual handled by experienced professional trainers.

Training of Prospective Implementers

Training of Prospective Implementers

Standarized recruitment system is a main factor for establish an implementer in accordance with company’s requirements.

Our company’s recruitment system are very strict, begins with administrative assessments of acceptance and inspections of eligible documents.

Afterwards, grooming stage and documents completeness, following a written and physical tests.

For further information, as pictured in the flow chart below :

Bagan Proses Rekrutmen
Pelaksana Baru

Training Center

Training Center

Our main purpose in establishing Training Center is to maintain all implementers to possess equal capability and knowledge and in accordance with our company’s standards.

Our company establish Traning Center for basic training related cleaning service basic knowledge which is our core business. Also increasing and maintaining skills, knowledges and attitudes of each employees.

Our other purpose from training is developing a strong mentality under any circumstances.

Training On The Spot

Training On the Spot

Direct training is practiced in place and done consistently with the purpose of providing an evaluation that will have a positive impact in regular basis activities in the field.

To maintain our team’s quality, our company has a field refreshment training program called “Training on the Spot”.
Training is conducted periodically every month at various locations in order to evaluate performance consisting of skill, knowledge, and attitude of the implementers on field.

Work Supervision and Inspection

Work Supervision and Inspection

An excellent work plan and program will be more focused with consistent supervision.

Our company makes regular visits to supervise work condition in various locations, it is done in order the work execution goes according to plan.

Supervision is beneficial in knowing early if there are things can potentially affect the worker’s quality and knowing feedback and suggestion from clients.

Incidental inspection is crucial to see their work without being forged.