Integrated Facility Services

A service company with an international standard that prioritizes on client satisfaction and employee welfare

We care about your property, comfort, health, and satisfaction. For this reason, we provide a whole range of services to reduce some of your workloads to let you focus on what's more important. Our trusted professional team has been trained and prepared to be allocated in the place of your choosing, from your workplace to private residences. To achieve an international standard in our service to you, we focus on 5 (five) company values:

1. Service Excellence

We are dedicated to giving the best reliable service and activity for your business. We realize how precious your time is, therefore we are committed to being as fast and accurate as possible to respond and meet your business needs. We believe in our 4S - Salam (Salutation), Sapa (Greet), Senyum (Smile), Sopan (Polite) guideline for all of the employees of PT Resik Cemerlang in working and serving you. We work from our hearts and we are committed to adding some value for the sustainability of your business that is very valuable for us.

2. Integrity & Responsibility

Honesty is the basic principal that has to be possessed by every employee of PT Resik Cemerlang. We infuse the value of responsibility and professionalism to each individual for them to apply in all the assigned workplaces. Every personnel that is mandated to monitor the project location anywhere has the independence and responsibility required to overcome issues and provide solutions.

3. Flexible Solution

The needs of every client will always change to adapt to the global economic situation. Here in PT Resik Cemerlang, we have the obligation to provide a service and solution to cater to those needs. We will customize our facility service for you based on the development of the innovation, efficiency, and quality improvement of your business.

One of our breakthroughs to keep up with the latest technology is to build an online-based system suitable to your needs. Our online system is built to strengthen, improve, simplify, and integrate the supervising process without compromising the manpower quality and work result. We also design our online system to be flexible so we can cater to a wide range of client requirements.

4. Teamwork

Solid teamwork will help to achieve maximum work results. Therefore, we motivate our employees to give their best efforts both individually and as a team.

5. People Development and Empowerment

Manpower is the main asset of a service company, that is why we establish a harmonic working relationship with our personnel. Our approaches include fulfilling their rights on time and treating every person justly. We embed solidarity value in every employee of PT Resik Cemerlang.


Cleaning Service

Trusted cleaning service provider to maintain your assets

The comfort and cleanliness of your work environment is the main focus of PT Resik Cemerlang. Our trained personnel equipped with high standard equipment will guarantee a positive atmosphere throughout your establishment.

To maintain our service quality and earn your trust, we apply 5 (five) important elements, which are

1. Meticulous Employee Selection

Every personnel that we assign has been through a meticulous selection system, starting from the document screening of the applicant, physical screening, administration record, to the written and practical test. In the end, only the chosen applicants with the best quality can have the opportunity to help assist you.

2. Employee Training Program

Employee training is designed systematically according to your needs. Class trainings and field practices are sustainably arranged to cover the attitude, skill, knowledge, and technical aspects, which will build the work ability as a whole. We also periodically reform the training materials to adapt to the change in the environment and the situation of our clients.

The purpose of this training is to ensure that our team can always perform their duties above your expectations. At regular intervals, we will request your feedback to continuously improve our services.

3. User-and-Eco-Friendly Equipments and Chemicals

To support their work activity, our employees are equipped with complete MAC (Machine, Accessories, and Chemical) that has a quality standard according to their purposes. Whatever the work purpose is, out machine, accessories, and chemicals are eco and user-friendly to achieve maximum work results without harming the environment. One of the quality application standards of our MAC is every machine and accessory has a documented usage history. For chemicals, the expiration period, chemical compositions, and usage instructions are clearly displayed.

4. Quality Control (Inspection)

We apply the Quality Control System (Inspection) to all of our projects, from the smallest one to the biggest one, periodically to maintain the quality of our work result. This inspection is performed by every field coordinator or inspector according to the area of responsibility. To control the operational work result as a whole, our main management often conducts surprise visits. The purpose of the surprise visit is to gain feedback from the clients that supervise the daily job of our employees.

5. Employee Benefit

Every employee that works in PT Resik Cemerlang receives some benefits, which include the remuneration according to the employee regulation and full salary for the employee based on the client agreement. One of our priorities and focus is on-time payroll.


You can entrust your document security and the punctuality of the delivery to our messenger

Our messengers have been proven in delivering your documents, valuable papers, and goods safely.

Accuracy and safety are the two main factors that we highly value.

We realize that every document, letter, or goods are valuable, that is why we guarantee that every document will be safely delivered.

In our company, there are 3 (three) basic criteria of a messenger:

  • 1. Understand the best delivery route and the traffic regulations
  • 2. Physically and mentally healthy
  • 3. Can drive well
  • 4. Responsible for the appointed document or goods

Receptionist / Operator

The transferring process of important information depends on the communication ability of a receptionist/operator

Our receptionist and operators have demonstrated their proven ability to receive and convey your messages effectively.

Tutur kata, perilaku dan intonasi yang baik wajib dimiliki oleh seorang resepsionis atau operator.

They possess the right communication method, attitude, and intonation that should be displayed by a receptionist or operator.

A good and proper Indonesian and English language knowledge and skill is also an important requirement. In serving a guest, we train our receptionists to be able to effectively direct and communicate.

They also have to dress properly with a friendly attitude.

The last but not least, both our receptionists and operators must have a good listening skill to avoid misunderstanding and to be able to receive/convey a message precisely.


Keeping your family safe in the pandemic period

In these trying times, Resik Cemerlang introduces two innovative methods to exterminate Corona Virus, Misting/Cold Fogging and Deep Wiping/Dusting. Misting/Cold Fogging is a method to mist the disinfectant solutions to air to exterminate airborne virus, while Deep Wiping/Dusting is thorough wiping and cleaning of the common locations for virus/bacteria to accumulate (door handles, chairs, tables, stair handrails, elevator panels, and many more).

The Disinfection Process by Resik Cemerlang uses active tablet NaDCC Effervescent mixed with detergent, diluted together with the recommended dosage and appropriate practice, our disinfecting process effectively kills virus and bacteria, while still safe for living things.

Pest Control

We will inspect your home from top to bottom, inside and out, for current or potential pest problems

With our advance technology, Resik Cemerlang will not only help tackle your current pest infestations but also do preventive measures to keep it from happening again. our team will analyze the potential condition that can lure common pests like cockroaches and mosquitoes, and stop their life cycle that prevents future invaders.

We offer quick, safe, effective and responsive pest control solutions to protect you and your property from pest infestations and associated risks.

Gondola Man

The cleanliness of your building exterior is the key of a great first impression of your company

Our special team is ready to routinely clean the outer wall window of your office with the best equipment and safety guidelines.

No need to worry about that speck of dust outside your office window or the stain on the exterior of your building. Our team is ready to clean and maintain the quality of your glass wall.

Our Gondola Men have passed the K3 (Occupational Health and Safety) training to guarantee the safety of the work procedures.

There are 3 (three) main focuses of a Gondola Man:

  1. Periodical security checks and equipment maintenance.
  2. Compliance with the rule and discipline in working.
  3. Checking the weather and wind condition before starting the work


A professional driver has to be discipline and obey the traffic regulations

We provide the service of professional drivers that have passed a thorough training with a valid driving license. Our drivers are ready to safely take you to your destinations.

We fully understand that a career person needs to move fast, on time, and be flexible. This is where our professional drivers come in to maintain a high level of productivity.

This is where our professional drivers come in to maintain a high level of productivity. In recruiting drivers that meet the company standard, we have a few kinds of tests, such as common knowledge, traffic knowledge, driving practice test, and a complete and legitimate permit documents check.

House Keeping

A neat and beautiful room arrangement starts from a structured and professional housekeeping management

If you are looking for a staff that specializes in arranging, sprucing up, and cleaning to manage your room, you come to the right place.

We focus on the aesthetic elements of your activity area to achieve a maximum, personalized result.

Our professional team is fully aware of the importance of every element and item in a room, so there won't be any displacement that will lead to functional error.

To achieve the expected result, we train our housekeepers based on 3 (three) basic criteria:

  • 1. Have a quick and precise work plan
  • 2. Meticulous, with high initiative
  • 3. Great attention to details


An aesthetically pleasing and functional garden will boost your work motivation.

PT Resik Cemerlang has experience in maintaining every element in a garden. We maintain the exquisiteness of soft materials as well as keeping the hard materials such as park lamps, benches, and ornaments spick and span.

Basic knowledge about ornamental plants is one of the fundamentals of being our gardener.

Our gardener also has to understand the composition and the purpose of the plant, such as plant classifications, shading plants, tropical plants, medicinal plants, hanging plants, and others.

Other than the ability and subject mastery, a gardener also has to be supported with complete and user-friendly equipment.


Well-maintained mechanical and electrical elements will guarantee comfort in your working environment

Unexpected damages, such as loss of electricity, broken AC, ta Our handymen are equipped with the knowledge of an experienced technician.p leaks, and many others, can hinder your productivity.

We in PT Resik Cemerlang is here to tackle those issues.

Their skills in repairing broken items are already trusted and recognized among our clients. Our handyman already possess the required criteria in our company:

  • 1. Understand the work procedure
  • 2. Master the ME (Mechanical Electrical) installation system
  • 3. Comply with the work instruction

Office Boy, Tea Lady, and Butler

Friendly, sympathetic, and attractive

A clean, friendly, sympathetic, and attractive appearance is one of our focus in hiring the right office boy and tea lady for you.

Not only the appearance, but honesty and the right attitude are also among the basic requirements that must be possessed by the personnel.

We realize that amidst your busy activity, you would need support in doing various kinds of supporting activities like photocopying, binding your documents, making drinks, serving foods, and many others

PT Resik Cemerlang is always ready to provide those services without neglecting 4 (four) basic criteria in an office boy, tea lady, and butler, which are:

  • 1. Full understanding and responsibility to the job description
  • 2. Dexterous in performing their duties
  • 3. Responsive and always ready to serve
  • 4. Diligent and elaborate in completing the job

Rumah Bersih

Beyond Cleaning

House has been a very personal space for most people because it's a place where loves grow between the family members.

Rumah Bersih by RC provides all-in general services for personal space. Leading the industry with trustworthy staff under the assurance of PT. Resik Cemerlang and innovative technic & tools, Rumah Bersih by RC is a solution not only for a clean house but also for healthy environments for you and your family.

The cleaning procedures of Rumah Bersih is different from the general cleaning services. Not only hydro vacuuming dust and mites, but Rumah Bersih also do a deep washing on couches, beds, carpets, and many more (hydro vacuum & wash), and provide a thorough cleaning process starting from hydro vacuum, washing, until drying process.

Job Order

One of the services that we offer is job orders.

We will perform a periodic cleaning and maintenance service upon your request. We give our best efforts in every job order completed by our skilled and professional team that has been through a periodical training.

To perform the company's job order we possess the legal requirements both for individual and enterprise. Below is the list of the job order that we can deliver:

  • Floor Cleaning
    • Ceramic, marble, epoxy, concrete, granite, and carpet
  • Floor Coating
    • Parquet and vinyl
  • Floor Crystallization
    • Marble, terrazzo, and granite
  • Furniture Cleaning
    • Couch, office chair, spring bed, and partition
  • Pest Control
    • Indoor fogging, outdoor fogging, and rodent control
  • Facade Cleaning
    • Glass wall, alucobond, ceramic wall, granite wall or combination
  • General Cleaning
    • Signage, neon box, totem / pillon, office, factory, house, warehouse, outlet, showroom, restaurant and many more.